Thursday, August 11, 2011

Insisting on snippets when there's a whole symphony to be heard.

Blog-surfing is way too much fun.
I love reading posts whether they be by strangers or my best friends.
Like the moments when I read something by someone I know, and I can picture them saying it. When I can picture EXACTLY what tone they were thinking in their head when they wrote it. It's so funny how personality can shine even through letters on a computer screen.

So I'm just looking around enjoying my last few days (7 to be exact) before the quizzes and tests and papers and assignments and essays and powerpoints and research and memorizing and big decisions and friend-making and pledging and MOVING all hit me at once. Yeah. Whoa.

So I ran up on a couple of things. And, as always, my mind was blown.
You know, like those Francis Chan/David Platt moments where they make such complex ideas seem so tangible and available to even someone as common as me.
Those moments that make you go, "OHHH! Nnnnnow I get it! Wait....but that's uncomfortable."

Yeah. That happened.
In about 10 minutes.'s a little "Food for Thought Thursday" action.
Be prepared: It's deep.
Be challenged.

The first thing:

I was looking around on some posts by Chris Seidman. He was the speaker at Impact this past summer and his abilities to communicate and draw out Scripture is unlike anything I've heard. He paints pictures and explains images by using completely relatable things. Not dumbed down things. But really good understandable encounters. Great great great things to say. The way he thinks is how I think, so every night he talked I was all ears. He can get loud. And some people have a peeve against that when it comes to preaching, but it's ok with me. I mean, my voice tends to get louder when I talk about things I'm passionate about. Everyone does if you pay attention close enough. You want to be heard. You want others to see why what you love is worth it. I figure it's the same concept.

So his post mentioned how he has stopped reading the Bible in verses and fragments of chapters, and then posted the link to a video.
And, of course, it was super intriguing. In fact, I watched it twice.
Which I never do. But what the man in the clip was saying was so full of insight and wisdom, you can't help but want to make sure you catch every piece of it.


If you've ever had trouble reading Scripture--whether it be because it didn't make sense, it seemed redundant, inactive, pointless, or even annoying, this video is for you.

And if you've never found yourself in any of those categories, then we need to go get some coffee. Cause I bet you're a super cool person with a boatload of wisdom.

The Whole Sweep of Scripture.

Second thing:

After watching the video twice I continued to do just a tad bit more surfing before I hit the hay.
What's interesting to me about blogger is that at the top of the screen where you have the option to follow someone, there's a button that says "Next Blog". When you click it, blogger somehow knows the nature of the blog you're looking at and will send you to another completely random blog that more than likely talks about the same kind of topic you're looking at. For example, if you're looking at a photography blog and click "Next Blog" in about 3 seconds you'll find yourself looking at a graphic design/craft idea/photography blog by someone from New Jersey. It's really neat.

So I did that and I came across this:

Jon Andrews: Questions

The last one was what struck me the hardest.

Are we really getting it?

Shouldn't we be the safe-haven? The place where all kinds of brokenness come together like pieces to a puzzle, that only when we agree to fit and perform together, make the whole?

How did we miss this? That BEING a Christian is more important than appearing to be one. That ACTUALLY asking yourself in all circumstances, "What would Christ Himself do?" rather than just wear the bracelet.
"If we as Christians loved our enemies more, we probably wouldn't need as many bumper stickers and t-shirts telling people who we are."- Chris Seidman.

Like I said, deep but good stuff.
Think about it. Dwell on it. Take a break and then mull it over some more.

I'll be back soon to talk about the CRAZINESS of moving out.
SO SO SO soon.

When did I grow up again?

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