Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new kind of path.


I changed my major! WOOHOO!

After constantly being on my mind, and my brain being restless with the idea of Nursing, I decided to attend my first day of classes this semester just to see what it would be like having both Intro. to Cell Biology and Anatomy and Physiology 1. So I walked into my Intro. to Cell class, sat down, and started listening. The teacher thoroughly made it clear on how intensive this semester will be with all of the work and study time it was going to require. She told us not to think of Spring Sing as an option, and to be prepared for Intro. to Cell and A&P to take over our lives this semester. The more she spoke the less and less I felt any motivation to continue in Nursing. And not even because of the work she was talking about! I can handle the work if it’s something I know I want to do! But that was the thing. I DIDN’T know for sure that Nursing was what I wanted to do, and that was too many demands from a major that I’m not even passionate about.


I marched straight to the Student Life office, got a couple names from the sweet lady at the desk, and went and talked to the woman I needed to see to make the change! And decided to change it from Nursing to Speech Pathology! WOOHOO!

I really like it so far! All of my CSD (Communication Sciences and Disorders) classes are super interesting to me. I have a really good feeling about this :)

What I love about it so much is how diverse the options are. I could work in schools, hospitals, private practices, anywhere! I could work for, and be a part of, any kind of business.

Which also includes overseas work! :)))

It is most definitely something I can use across the world and help people of all socioeconomic statuses and of all ages. I could help across the spectrum. From elderly men and women after experiencing a stroke, to helping babies with swallowing techniques. I can do it all! And I absolutely love that!

My schedule is wonderful and I’m actually taking one more hour than I was before I switched, but I’m done everyday by 1 (except for Mondays). Which I LOVE.

I’m so happy and excited to see what all I’m going to learn about the field and about myself this semester.

Someone sent this video to me in an e-mail when I was accepted to HIZ this coming Fall and told all of us that were going to watch it! It is so wonderful and JUST what I want to do. Forever.

It's worth your time. Trust me.

Please please PLEASE stop and say a quick prayer for me begging God to keep leading me down His path. To keep revealing His wants for my future. I would love you forever!

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